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What to look out for when Installing your Electric Fence

electric fence in Ghana

If you live in Ghana or any other African country, you’ve probably noticed a lot of houses with electric fences. Electric fences in Ghana have come a long way. They add a layer of security to your home, office, or property of any kind.

It is critical to invest in security, especially in our part of the World. Many people spend their money on construction without prioritizing security. Electric fences are an effective way to keep intruders out of your property.

An electric fence can be installed on any property. Electric fences are generally safe and effective when installed by professionals. Reach Guardian View Technology Ghana Ltd on if you are thinking of getting electric fencing for your home.

Keep the following in mind before an electric fencing installation.

1. The installation 

installing electric fence

As previously stated, electric fences are safe; however, improper installation of your electric fence can negate its effectiveness and even endanger your life. Always look for professionals with experience and know-how.

Guardian View Technology Ghana Limited is the best electric fencing company in Ghana. When it comes to security, Guardian View Technology GH Limited is a force to reckon with. We as well provide technical advice on how to have professional security installations done to optimize.

2. Types of electric fences 

installing electric fence

Electric fences come in different types. Here are a few types of electric fences;

  1. Rope electric fence
  2. Twin electric fence
  3. Tape electric fence
  4. Wire electric fence
  5. Razor wire fence

We assist our customers to make choices based on the advantages and disadvantages of the electric fencing types above to arrive at the best for their property. Guardian View Technology Ghana Limited has standard 8 lines primed top bend bars that give total wall protection for effective electric fencing that keeps your property safe.

3. Electric fence installation prices in Ghana 

Considering what could happen without proper security, it is advisable to note, proper security is never a waste of money for an uncertain would be protection or worse, your life, as a result of the poorly secured property. Electric fences are priced differently therefore based on quality and efficiency. Our electric fences are within Ghc 4000-6000 and above for a standard plot and wall design. Electric fences can be installed on any plot size or agri-fencing.

electric fences

Electric fences are priced based on factors such as wall design, location and specifications that location demand. Give us a call or send us a message for an immediate quote for your property.

We hope you find this article useful. Make an effort to purchase the best electric fencing from Guardian View Tech Gh Ltd for your home, office, or any property. Guardian View Technology Ghana Limited installs professional electric fences right here in Ghana for your safety. Kindly get in touch with us to have your electric fencing fixed by the Country’s best.


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