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Chain Link/Mesh Fencing

Perimeter Chain Link/Mesh Fencing Chain link fences are strong, useful fences for many applications – both residential and commercial. This durable property enclosure is available in many more varieties. We deploy excellent and professional mesh fencing solutions that protects your land from encroachers and other threats. Chain Link Fencing Solutions Mesh Fencing Solutions Contact Sapeiman, […]
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Commax Video Door Phone

Commax Video Door Phones We are the official Country agent for Commax products in Ghana. Our state-of-the-art video door phones allow you to see and speak to your visitors at the gate before you choose to allow or disallow entry. Our modules Commax 3.5″ Video door phone Commax 7″ Video door phone Commax 10″ video […]
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Main Gate Automation

Main Gate Automation Our quality and professionally installed automated main gates allow people to enter their properties without having to get out of their cars to open their gates manually. A clear advantage is when it’s raining or late at night. They are more secured than manual gates because they do not use padlocks. By […]
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Remote Control Garage Doors

Remote Control Garage Doors Garage doors provide an excellent choice for modernization project for your garage entrances. For your comfort and design, you can choose from prestigious variety of garage doors. Our quality, state of the art garage doors come in different sizes (9X7 and 9X8), double-skinned insulated panels, attractive surfaces and variety of colours.  […]
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CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Installation & Servicing CCTV’s are very important in our modern society where crime is on the rise. There have been instances where people have been killed or robbed without any evidence to go after the perpetrators. If you have CCTV’s around your property, it sends some signal to intruders or a would be criminals […]
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Electric wire fencing

Electric Wire Fencing

Electric Fence Installation Choosing Guardian View Technology Gh Ltd. for your electric fencing installation is the best choice a person or an institution can ever make in ensuring they are safe to go about their business without having to think much about buglers.  Our standard 8 lines primed top bend bars ensures no one stands […]
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