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Electric Wire Fencing

Choosing Guardian View Technology Gh Ltd, for your electric fence installation is the best choice a person or an institution will make for their security as quality and professional work are not compromised. Our standard 8 lines primed top bend bars ensures no one stands on top of your wall to out-jump the electric fence. Our standard entry level energizer the NEMTEK DRUID 13 and 15 are far superior or powerful than the NEMTEK MERLIN 4 on the Ghanaian market. We also offer standard aluminium tension coil and 6mm aluminium ferrules which are exclusive to only us. This is because we continue to work hand in hand with NEMTEK in South Africa to make sure we provide the best and professional work that can resist any unlawful intrusion to ensure customers are protected fully by our system. This is something most of our competitors in Ghana have failed to do or advanced themselves to the modern demand of electric fencing and intruder tactics. We keep advancing to ensure we stay on top of the game.