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About us

Welcome to Guardian View Technology (Gh) Limited

Guardian View Technology Ghana Ltd. is a company that was established in 2012 to fill the void created by security lapses by providing professional systems installation such as Razor Fencing, Electric Fencing, CCTV, Main Gate Automation, Commax Video and Audio intercoms, Remote Control Garage Doors and Perimeter Mesh Fencing. All our products are from original and trusted sources which has contributed in making us country agents for two multi national security system manufacturers such as COMMAX in Korea and SECURI-PROD by REGAL in South Africa. 

We are the country agent for Commax video and audio door phones, Securi-Prod energizer batteries and PIR Motion sensor light with alarm in Ghana.

We are dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent customer
service on time and affordable.

We also maintain a friendly, fair and creative environment which fosters diversity, exchange and hard work.


We make safe all that is dear to you, your family, business, property, name it as if they are our own. Our quality, state of the art products puts us on top of the lather.


We combine quality with professionalism to deploy security solutions that shields you, your family, property and workplace from harm to avoid issues.


We secure all your priorities making you to move forward, worry free. Take all the time to progress and grow. There is nothing to worry about, the sky is your limit because we are your guardian.
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